Saturday, August 21, 2010

-Rice cake with almond butter & preserves
-Egg with slice of toast & cheese
-Pretzels & dip (not a stellar snack but it sounded REALLY good!)
-Cake pops (2) (these are NOT around all the time & were super tasty!)
-2 bites of all of the following at the picnic: taco salad, spoon bread, baked beans, buffalo chicken dip & a burger (whole thing) with no bun, slice of cheese & onions/peppers plus 3 Miller 64's.

Later I had a couple bites of the following desserts...carrot cake, pineapple cake & elephant ear (yes really) cheesecake (I ate most of this.)

It was a fabulous time with family & it's SO nice to enjoy with ZERO food guilt!!!!!! Hubby & I walked the outlet mall too!

Will update as I go along or tomorrow. I'm home today so not planning!!!!!

57:30 run (turned out to be 5.6 miles!!!!!!!!!!)

Ever had a run so hard that you though surely you were going slower than a tortoise? That was today. It was misty out but felt cool so I decided to go for it. I knew I wanted to tackle a 5 miler so off I went. It wasn't too bad at first but by the second mile it very clear that the humidity was thick. I trudged on wanting to stop (no joke) but kept on. No walk breaks just one stop so I didn't get run over by a woman backing out of her drive. I got home feeling strong but DONE. Texted hubby super excited about what I'd done, check G-Maps & find out It was 5.6!!!! All of the sudden that awful run turned into something amazing. I still had it!!!!!! Woot!

Off to shower as I'm literally still sitting all sweaty! haha

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