Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally Friday. So sleepy this week & honestly feel exhausted!!!! We'll sleep in tomorrow (up at 5 daily to workout) but the trade-off will be a much more humid run by not going before sun-up.

Rice cake with smear of preserves
Slice of toast, egg & slice of cheese (open face egg sandwich); OJ
Grapes (ETA: worst grapes EVER!!!!!! I ate less than a handful)
Panera Asian chicken salad (no fried wontons) & a couple bites of bread
Zone bar
Turkey meatballs (recipe in next post), wheat pasta & tomato sauce

Training: Chest & Tris
Cardio: 20 min elliptical (increasing resistane every 5 minutes until last 5 min then increase it with 2:30 to go.) Sweaty pig!

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