Saturday, August 14, 2010

So today is weigh-in day & I'm down another 2.5 for a total of 9 since I've started this mission to get back to where I feel my best. I'm feeling fabulous & really am so grateful to my friend who's helping me. I added a section to the side (right) to track my losses. There's something about making it more public that seems to help (much like Weight Watchers did.) It's accountability. I used to report to my Mom every Saturday after a weigh-in.

Without further rambling, here's today's stuff (somewhat planned but subject to change...)

Rice cake with preserves
2 eggs with toast & a piece of melon
Trail mix
1/2 roast beef with swiss & sunchips
Salad with chicken & dressing
Snacks at tailgating (cheese & crackers, tortilla chips with salsa, 2 beers)

31:30 (LOL) on the AMT trainer (pretty brutal!!)

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