Sunday, September 12, 2010


Slice of toast with PB & preserves
Handful of puppy chow
Handful of popcorn & coke (at movie)
Lite beer (at festival)
Few more bites of puppy chow & slice of cheese
Chips with queso & mushroom swiss burger (ate half the bun)

Yes, food was interesting today. We ran the race & I wasn't very hungry thus the handful/bites of snacky stuff. I get the puppy chow every year from the same little shop that comes for the Popcorn Fest. Love that stuff & won't ever make it since I can look forward to it from them.

5 mile run (47 min!!!!)

RACE DAY!!!!!! Hubby & I rocked out an AWESOME 5 mile race finishing a FULL 3 minutes faster than we planned! So awesome & it felt great in spite of running in the rain.

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