Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday's munchies!

Meal 1: Uncle Sam's Cereal, Silk Light Vanilla soymilk, banana

Meal 2: Weight Watchers yogurt & banana

Meal 3: Amy's Cheddar rice & bean burrito, romaine with Newman's Honey Mustard, BBQ Soycrips & FF Dannon plain yogurt

Meal 4: Clementines!!!!!!! (and some BBQ soy crips)

Meal 5: Morningstar veggie burger (double stack) with provolone & wheat bun; "grilled" garden fresh (thank you Daddy) asparagus with a bit of shredded cheese.

Meal 6: Blue Bunny Birthday ice cream sandwich (these are new too & I saw them on Hungry Girl!)

Note: Homemade black bean burgers ala Kath did not happen but will in the near future!

I do want to try to "highlight" something new I've tried during the week. Today's new item is the Uncle Sam's Cereal. It's pretty tasty actually & while the portion is only 3/4c, it was surprisingly filling with the soymilk & a banana.

It's loaded with flax seeds too which may frighten you if you've not tried them before!


  1. Hey, Heather!

    Question for ya--are you eating Glenny's SoyCrisps? Or another brand?


  2. Actually, these were just a store brand (Meijer's for those in this region) but they were really tasty! FYI, I tend to eat these with greek or plain yogurt as a dip! So yummy!