Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The rest of the day....

......I felt that smoothie love deserved it's own post :)

Lunch: 1% cottage cheese, Cheddar soycrips (not as good as the BBQ) & grapes

My afternoon snack was the Luna bar that I talked about this morning. HOLY cow was it tasty! I think it's my new fave...next to Lemon Zest & Peppermint Stick!

A handful of soy crisps followed that when I got hungry again!

Dinner: Black beans, green peppers & asparagus cooked up with some Trader Joe's Sweet Chili sauce, placed on a Joseph's pita & topped with some nonfat plain yogurt.

THAT was all followed by some pumpkin mixed with BSN cinnamon roll protein. It might have been topped with Cool Whip Light. Note a trend here?

I think I'm good for the day. Finally satisfied with my meals & not ready to eat my arm. Gotta love Mother Nature's monthly torment!

*****I lied :) I was hungry when I got back from my walk. I had some peanuts & a banana.

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