Monday, June 1, 2009


So I realized on the way home that I appear to be a veggie slacker!!!! I do eat veggies but I need to be better about it. I actually spent a good amount at the store this weekend & over half was veggies!

I was hu-ungry when I got home.

The verdict?

Morningstar veggie patty with a slice of cheese, leftover baked beans & then a veggie combo. I sauteed (in Pam) zucchini, onion & tossed in some shredded cabbage (gotta love the bagged stuff!) Then for flava, I tossed in some Trader Joe's sweet chili sauce.

It was all very tasty & though I'm not full, I'm not hungry anymore. I'll have a snack later if I need to.

1 comment:

  1. Found your eats blog! =)
    Oh man, I could eat my weight in veggies. Especially sauteed cabbage/lettuce... oh my....