Thursday, June 4, 2009

Super excited!

I found FRESH medjool dates at the grocery store!!!!! The ones I used to make my bars the other day were the boxed ones that had sugar on them. Now mind you the freshies are $8 a pound so I wont buy them often but to know that I can makes for a happy me!


Pre-workout: Kashi cereal bar (woke up hungry)

Breakfast: Fiber One, Special K with berries, banana & almond milk**

AM Snack: Peanuts (also got a half coffee/half cappuccino on the way to work)

Lunch: Amy's Dairy Free burrito, Oikos FF greek yogurt & a DATE!!!!

PM Snack: Oikos Vanilla FF greek yogurt & either a banana or Clif Z-bar

Dinner: Homemade BBQ chicken pizza (using a Pilsbury refrigerated dough)

**Almond milk. I actually was out & got some Almond Dream instead of my usual Almond Breeze because they didnt have the unsweetened. Just not digging it but of course I had to get the HUGE one. Anyone else not care for this stuff?*** food pics today until I can figure out the Blackjack small picture issue.

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