Friday, June 5, 2009

Got hunger?

Not me. I've not been very hungry today so the meals have been kinda light!

Breakie: Thomas Mini bagel with low sugar preserves & egg whites with peppers, onions, chicken & mozzarella (topped with organic ketchup)

AM Snack: Banana & some peanuts

Lunch: Fruit (blueberries, strawberries & pineapple), Oikos FF Vanilla greek yogurt & a couple dates (so yum!)

PM Snack: Clif Z-bar & a date

***today's dates are not the fancy fresh Medjool ones I got yesterday. Rather they are pitted dates that I found at Meijers to use in making more lara-ish bars.***

Dinner: Heading to TGIFriday's so either a chicken caesar salad or the Dragonfire chicken (chicken, brown rice, pineapple & oranges..super yum!)

I'm being a "good girl" with no splurges today since we may hit up a food & wine festival with my Dad & his lady friend (LMAO) tomorrow. Though she did send him home last night with some uber pretty carrot cake cupcakes so one might fall into my mouth. Maybe half. :)

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