Saturday, August 28, 2010

-Rice cake with PB & preserves
-Egg with a slice of toast & cheese
-Turkey burger (no bun) with a slice of cheese & salad (romaine, tom, red pepper, cukes & a little cheese) with rasp. vin. (I am STUFFED!)
-Pretzels & hummus
-Chips & salsa; (almost 2 hours later) boneless wings (6), some potato wedges (small handful) & 2 short Miller 64's

Dinner will be out somewhere! It's "wife doesn't cook on Saturday's" night! haha

Cardio: 5.2 mile run (54 min)

***I also planned to bake but it was too warm in the house so I just made up the cookie dough. I ONLY sampled about 1 tablespoon of dough! Impressive, eh? ;)

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