Sunday, September 5, 2010

-Rice cake with PB & preserves
-1 egg, 1 egg white, slice of toast & piece of cheese; milk
-Couple bites of banana bread (baked yesterday)
-Quizno's steak sammie (no sauce) & sunchips
-Peanuts, choc chips & slice of cheese (starving before dinner)
-Pork steak & potatoes
-Ice cream with cookies (small portions)

6.63 (thank you Gmaps) mile run (1 hour 9 min)

Decent run today. Took almost 2 miles to find my legs & that was not fun but we committed to keep going. I also got a bad migraine last night & an uphill jaunt made that pound for a couple minutes again but it seemed fine after we walked a minute.

Next weekend is the 5 mile race we are doing!!!! It's the annual Popcorn Festival!! :) Orville Redenbacher is from Valparaiso & actually started his popcorn business with our friend's grandfather who just recently passed away. That's your local tidbit for the day ;)

Though I type that & wonder if anyone really reads this part? It's just for my info really but just

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