Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holiday EATS!

I'm sure you are dying to see what I ate this weekend. No pics but here are the hightlights!

Whopper Jr. (no mayo)
McDonald's breakfast burrito & half of a hashbrown
Ruby Tuesday's turkey minis (no mayo) & salad bar
AWESOME NY strip steaks (thanks to the BIL-to-be for those!)
Several Michelob Ultra
Bottle of Lambrusco (minus 1 glass)
Yummy corn
SMORES (x2 nights)
Burnt marshmallows
Movie popcorn (yep!)
Burgers on the grill
Birthday cake (banana flavored)

I did really great this weekend eating only until satisfied & I NEVER got stuffed or even full! I was really pleased with myself.

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