Monday, May 18, 2009

New snack!

Today's food includes a new snack! I have read about the PURE bars on different blogs & when I saw then on sale today I snagged a couple for today's eats!

They remind me of a Larabar in terms of ingredients but they add Agave Nectar thus making them more of a sticky bar than the crumbly texture of the Larabars. Super yummy though! Will definitely keep these on hand!

So on with the food...

Breakfast: Mother's Best Naturals Oat & Honey cereal, banana & soymilk; egg whites, Morningstar Sausage-style crumbles & mozzarella cheese

AM Snack: Larabar (PB Cookie)

Lunch: Fage 2%, mixed fruit & PURE ChocChip Trail Mix bar (crumbled on top)

PM Snack: PURE Cherry Cashew bar

Dinner: Annie's white cheddar mac & cheese, chicken & peanuts

I'm hungry again today so will likely have something else to eat in a bit!

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