Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday yumminess!

Okay, catching up....

Breakfast: Strawberry banana smoothie & a Thomas mini bagel with Naturally More & Strawberry preserves

Lunch: Veggie omelette with egg whites (no cheese), mixed fruit & slice of dry wheat toast

Snack: Slice of swiss, medjool date with Naturally More & leftover BBQ chicken pizza (1 slice)

****1 bottle of Miller 64 while supervising fishing****

Dinner: KFC grilled drumstick, bites of mashed potatoes, bites of baked beans, biscuit with local honey (drool!), bites of broccoli salad & some of my Dad's tasty cabbage, noodle & sausage concoction, small piece of lemon torte cake!

(I only had about 2 bites of all the side dishes)

Snack: Monster trail mix

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