Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tempting Tuesday!

So I busted out the camera to capture dinner. It was so yummy & looked equally tasty!

Breakie: Smoothie with banana, strawberries, almond drink, liquid egg whites & honey; homemade date/nut bar

AM Snack: Oikos FF greek yogurt & homemade date/nut bar

Lunch: Romaine, garbanzo beans, feta & Newman's Light honey mustard (really filling salad!)

PM Snack: (eaten in shifts) homemade date/nut bar & apple

Dinner: Nachos!

The full spread.

A little close-up.

Dinner consisted of the following:

Frontera Black Bean Chipotle chips
Black beans
Corn (cut off the cob)
Green pepper
Reduced fat mexican cheese
Topped with FF greek yogurt & Frank's Buffalo Style hot sauce

So so good & so super satisfying too!

I'll probably have a snack of some sort too since I ate so dang early!

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  1. I think I just drooled on my keyboard.