Friday, June 12, 2009


Okay, I'm a day late with yesterday's tasty morsels but it's hard to keep up with right now when Kevin's over! I also didnt catch dinner before we started chowing. I'll take a shot of the leftovers at lunch today to share!

Started the day with a smoothie made with...

FF organic milk (1 cup)
Frozen strawberries (about 6)
Frozen banana (1/2)
Flax seed (about 1/2t)
Local honey (so yum!)

Added to the meal 2 rice cakes with Naturally More & low sugar jam

Lunch was a market grab fest! I grabbed an Amy's Spinach Pocket, 0% Fage & a banana. I really like the Amy's pocket but it seems to give me a tad bit of heartburn a couple hours after eating.

Extras today were another banana for an afternoon snack, a slice of swiss & a few bites of Naturally More while making dinner.

That named dinner was created with a stir-fry in mind. It contained:

Shredded cabbage (thank you bagged shreds)
Peas (added in at the end)
TJ's sweet chili sauce (along with a little from the Thai brand I got at the store)
TJ's organic brown rice on the side

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good & I have the leftovers here for lunch today! It was a hit with the fiance as well!

I also had a tasty iced green tea at Barnes & Nobles later. No sweetener or anything.

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