Tuesday, August 17, 2010

-Rice cake with preserves
-Egg with slice of toast & cheese (yes, I'm boring in the AM)
-Panera Asian Chx Salad (no wontons,) few bites of bread & 1/2 coke
-Apple & peanuts (about .5 ounce)
-Black bean burger & hummus

31 min run (bit over 3 miles)

It was a GLORIOUS run this morning..sorta. It was VERY cool this morning (about 63) but we had to dodge geese (twice) & one of those dodges was through a yard where I twisted my ankle. I *think* it's fine though.

We've missed these cool mornings!!! This summer has been brutal!!!! And we've not even had our Indian summer yet. Eeek!

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