Tuesday, August 24, 2010

-Rice cake with almond butter & preserves
-Cereal with banana & skim (combo of multi-grain cheerios & honey bunches of oats cinn)
-Salad with chicken & feta (from home) & 1/2 coke (left from yesterday)
-Apple & nuts
-Chili (leftovers) with turkey sausage (links) & cheese

*I was given a cake ball (truffle) as a treat by one of the guys & will probably eat that too! It's the size of a golf ball & looks dayum tasty with it's white chocolate drizzled self*

**Had cereal this morning instead of my eggs & it seems to be holding me over longer. Not sure why but it is. I just wanted something different. It's almost oatmeal time again!!!!!**

Ran with hubby (31:30) for 3.1 miles. Very cool but humid. We rocked it out though! Feels good to be running so much again! Plantar fasciitis seems to be doing okay while running but I had a few twinges today. I am attributing that to twisting my ankle last week in the grass dodging the geese. Good times! haha

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